Contrary to popular belief, fat belly foods are not necessarily fat.  Giving up the good fats will own make you fatter.  Let’s take a look at good fats and bad fats.

Good Fat Belly Foods vs Bad Fats:

Everyone one has heard about the Flat Belly Diet.  There is the Flat Belly Diet for Men, Flat Belly Diet for Women, Flat Belly Diet Cookbook and the main book, just Flat Belly Diet.  Like the grains we talked about in our article How about adding grains we found that there have been new grains added to the American mainstream diet as late that are actually as old as the hills.  So it is the same with Mono-Unsatured fats.  Those hailing from the Mediterranean area have incorporated them in all of their recipes and I’d bet most don’t even know what they’ve been doing.  Recipes and traditions as well as native products have made this MUFAs, as they are called, much of their staple foods.

When you think of Greek food you think of Olives and stuffed grape leaves in olive oil right?  Could you even imagine making an Italian dinner without olive oil at the base of your sauce?  Around the Middle East tahini (a nut butter made from sesame seeds) is found in many dishes including, the popular dip, hummus.   Even in the US we have peanut butter and jelly sandwich fixings on hand at all times.

Doesn’t everyone love an acronym?  I just love mnemonics to help me remember things.  The ABS POWER DIET is one of those diets that gives you the tools right in the name.  (More about the ABS Diet later)  So here is mine for you.  NOODA – Nuts (and seeds), Olives, Oils, Dark chocolate and Avocados.  Does it get any easier?  

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