Fat belly foods to avoid start with understanding different reasons for a fat belly.   Do you want to avoid gas and bloating or are you looking for a flat belly without the exercise?  Are you looking for a quick fix or to lower your visceral fat and get healthier?

Fat belly foods are generally foods that cause your body to hold on to fat around your middle.  We want to first look at how to reduce stomach fat.

Let’s start by mentioning a few things that you might have heard but not taken to heart yet.

Number 1 on the Belly Fat Foods to Avoid list:  Trans Fats like hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils.  Foods that have trans fats include chips, nachos, pizza crust, cookies and crackers and more.  Many of the labels that say Zero Trans Fats actually just have a smaller portion size.  This keeps them regulatory with the FDA for labeling when in fact if you had a few more there WOULD be trans fat.   See our glossary for definitions.

Number 2 on the Belly Fat Foods to Avoid list:   Stay away from white grains; white rice, white bread, white flour and white pototoes.  These foods along with white sugar and simple sugar foods spike insulin which cause belly fat to build up around the waist.   White foods are never a good choice; especially as a main part of any meal.  The natural color of whole grains is tan foods.  Whole grains will keep your insulin level and glucose response correct.   Whole grains melt fat away and provide terrific fiber aiding in weight loss and detoxification as well.  Whole grains helps burn visceral fat.  Try not to mix whole grains and high fat together when possible.  This gives your body only one thing to break down at a time; fat or carbohydrates.

Number 3 on the Belly Fat Foods to Avoid list:  Caffeine.  If you don’t drink water, do so.  If you do drink water already then drink more and hype it up with cucumbers, lemon and ginger; all or part.  Cucumbers are very hydrating and cool your body, causing inflammation to lessen.  Cucumbers are high in silica which is necessary for connective tissue which also affects collagen production.   Collagen is lost through diet and aging.  Ginger because it stimulates digestive juices – helping in losing weight.  Lastly, slices of lemons which help to clear the liver and adds Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.  By adding these to water (or better yet green or berry tea) you give yourself extra nutrition while hydrating.  The more you drink the fuller you are.  1 8-12oz glass of cooled cucumber tea or water before every meal and snack.  Your end result will be at least 1/2 gallon per day.